Summer is the best time to engage your kids in various extra-curricular activities which will tap into their creative potential and make them more agile. What better way to achieve this than by enrolling them in a dance workshop this coming summer.

Over the years, dancing as a sport has not only proven to yield good benefits for the body such as: reduced obesity, a fun source of exercise, healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and helping to maintain a balanced lifestyle. There is clinically significant evidence that children who participate actively in the performing arts spend less time sitting in front of a computer screen playing games and therefore are at less of a risk of developing health problems. Children who spend more than two hours a day on screen related pastimes are at a high risk of developing health issues, such as obesity.

Whilst dance is a good source of fun exercise for young children, it is also a creative outlet. Fun exercise is important but the opportunity to release creativity is as important as exercising and maintaining a balanced diet in the development of healthy children, because of the life skills they will learn. Dancing can make a person feel physically refreshed and improve their mood, tackling serious issues including anxiety and depression1, and not just in adults. Group dancing is a tool to release daily stress, a distraction from everyday worries and an outlet for imagination and emotion.

With Mind Guru’s Galax Program, Kids would not only learn to have fun while exercising it would also help them relax as this can also serve as their creative outlet and can help them form meaningful friendships along the way since it is usually done in a group.

So dance your way now to their facility in Quezon City and check out this program. Exceed your limits with Mind Guru’s Summer Programs!