We all want the best for our kids right? Whether you are a new Mom or a Mother with kids already in school we always aim to provide the best for our kids and equip them with the right mindset and tools during their formative years so that they can be more competitive when it comes to the real world out there. So this coming summer why not enroll your kids in a few activities and classes which would enhance their senses making them more alert, focused and more creative. Here are he 3 Summer Classes that will help your kids this school year.

Art WorkshopsSensory Enhancement - Art Workshop

They said that doing art can increase the acuity of mind as it makes you see things in a different perspective. It makes you more in tune with your environment and your emotions as it makes you reflect more and delve more into your innermost emotions. It gets you creative with words and it also proves to have calming effects when you pour your feelings out on paper.

Dance LessonsSensory Enhancement - Dance Relaxation

Enrolling your kids in lessons where they can improve their coordination and motor skills not only enhances the other side of their brain but it also makes kids more focused as you would need full concentration to perfect the form and proper steps in the routine that you are to perform.

Memory Enhancement ClassesSensory Enhancement - Memory Retention

This might seem not too common in Mom’s but this is a must have if you really want to tap into their other potentials. Through the program, the kids are trained using various eye exercises and visual observation activities to store photographic images of the plates they are focusing on. This increases their focus and their imagination as they are more in tune to their environment. To know more about the full course program check out their site here: http://mindguru.ph

Summer is the best time to harness and hone your kid’s creative juices and help them improve their memory game to help them take on bigger challenges later on.

Here at MindGuru, we offer them plus more. We help them improve their brain acuity, increase their memory retention, improve their social skills, and the most important of all, provide them with a fun summer activity.

See you there!