Pilipinas MINDGURU, Sensory Enhancement Specialist, Inc. operates on these 3 mantras:

  • Committed -to deliver Quality output to its clients by further honing the Teacher’s skills as they bank on further research and adapt the latest technologies to further increase and maximize the results of the programs and the workshops.
  • Dedicated –in guiding its customers in DOING GOOD and in using their skills in a good cause.
  • Customer Oriented– geared to assist its clients to ensure that they maximize the results of the workshops and programs. Re-visits are often a requirement of the program to ensure that what they initially learned are retained and that their skills are constantly honed and developed.


Pilipinas MINDGURU, Sensory Enhancement Specialist, Inc., envisions to become the most credible, prolific and values laden sensory enhancement specialist in the Philippines.


All the programs, workshops and services planned, organized and facilitated by Pilipinas MINDGURU, Sensory Enhancement Specialist, Inc. is anchored to the company’s CORE VALUES of being G.R.E.A.T.!

G – God-loving

R – Responsible

E – Excellent

A – Amazing and Awesome

T – Truthful

The company’s tagline: Exceeding Limits when phrased “Pilipinas MindGuru, Exceeding Limits” encapsulates what the brand stands for since it goes beyond your self -imposed limits unlocking your true potential and developing your skills further to be the best that you can be.