More than the four walls of the classroom, there are more learning opportunities for your kids you can engage them in. Especially since the competition gets tougher and tougher as the years go by. New technologies abound and new techniques are applied. You either adapt or stagnate and you don’t want that for your kids right?

As parents, we only want to provide the best education possible for our kids to make them more resilient to stress, more competitive with their peers and to be the best they can be. That is why enrolling them in educational yet fun summer programs may just be worth your while veering away from the traditional style.

Introducing Mind Guru’s SEP (Sensory Enhancement) and REP (Memory Retention Enhancement) Programs which may just be the answer in improving the memory of your kids and make them more aware of their surroundings with their enhanced senses.

Mind Guru’s teachers follow a high quality regimen in training the kids to be more observant and sensitive to their surroundings. Using the other senses like the sense of hearing, touch and smell they are made more aware of their surroundings and can detect danger or can predict the environment they are in even when blindfolded.

One of their students even posted a testimonial of his own on their Social Media Page after undergoing the program and here was what he had to say about it:

                  Having finished both Sensory Enhancement and Retention programs, I can say that my learning capacity and overall mindfulness have markedly improved. First, my short-term memory is better as I can remember more things in larger ‘chunks’ of information compared to that when I started the program. Moreover, I can retain studied lessons better. I do not have to repeat reviewing them more than 3 times as I usually do with my several of my subjects before having finished the Retention program. With regards to sensory enhancements, my sense of hearing and smelling have become good aids in studying. I can go to a relaxed and stress-free / less state more easily than before. Last but not the least, I think my skill acquisition speed, specifically pertaining to learning physical skills (like intermediate – hard calisthenics moves) are fast and I think this is due to my enhanced senses as I have become more aware, receptive and mindful of how my mind and body work together. In simpler terms, perhaps better synergy within me haha.

– J.C. Pabia Sicat – UP Diliman, BS Geodetic Engineering,
(ADHD+Epilepsy+signs of OCD kid)

By enrolling in this program, you or your kids would not only increase your focus but you may also become more self-aware as you note your abilities and how your skills can be honed by this program since they also have a progress report measurement tool after every session and you would see how you have improved significantly after. So for this summer, why not give this program a try and exceed your limits!