Summer is the best time for your kids to have fun, unwind and rejuvenate since they are away from the stress and the demands of school and their other extra-curricular activities – use this time to help them exceed their limitations.

As parents, we want nothing but the best for our kids and wish that we could give them more than what we had during our time with all the advances and alternative options offered in today’s time for our kids to grow as healthy, happy and holistically rounded adults in the future.

So this coming summer, enroll them in something original, fun yet educational and would surely bring out the best in your kids with Mind Guru’s Summer Packages:

  1. Sensory Enhancement Program (SEP) – The mind is the most powerful organ in the body and our kids can be smarter than they already are as the brain consistently develops and grows its other functions when being continuously exposed to outside stimuli. This workshop uses sound technology to facilitate the enhancement of the senses.
  2. Retention Enhancement Program (REP) – aka. The Photographic Memory Workshop, Ever wonder how Mike Ross from SUITS does it? Amazing how people with photographic memory recall every detail no matter how minute it is just by looking at it once. With the REP Program, your kids would be engaged in activities tasking them to focus and recall essential information making them quicker to recall things and sharpening their focus on essential subject matters.
  3. Art Spark (Arts Workshop) – Unlock your kid’s creative genius by letting them play and experiment with colors and other types of painting materials. Kids would learn to mix and match the colors according to their preferences and personal style. This workshop would also be a good program to gauge your kid’s potential for the arts as they would be allowed to have the liberty to let loose and get creative with all the colors.
  4. GaLax (Creative Dance Class)– Studies prove that when children sing, dance or play music they become better readers, thinkers and learners. Coined from the Filipino words “Galaw and Relax” Galax combines various sensory enhancement activities with simulating creative movements. In this program, kids would develop not only their physical balance, hand-eye coordination but it would also improve their spatial awareness while encouraging them to make friends and cooperate with their peers.